Teach 5 BUNDLE

I have finished the Teach 5 Third Grade BUNDLE!!!!!

Teach 5 Bundle PacketThis BUNDLE includes:

  • Instructions for running Teach 5 in your classroom
  • SMARTboard timers for managing your Teach 5 Groups
  • 36 weeks of Teach 5 material on 3rd grade common core math standards
  • How To create your own Teach 5

I LOVE Teach 5 and use it daily in my classroom! I know that it works because student scores reflect a much higher success rate in the classrooms at my school who use Teach 5 in comparison to classrooms who do not. This should not be the case in my classroom because of the inclusion setting, but Teach 5 helps all students keep all math skills fresh all year long.

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1840ed0b5687d857f75cbf49604b955aThis is why I Teach 5!

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