Teaching Vocabulary in Social Studies and Science Part 6

Graphic organizer anyone? I love a T-Chart, KWL, Word Diagram, Tree Map, or Bubble Map in the classroom! Graphic organizers are a powerful tool for students to extend and deepen their understanding in the classroom. Graphic organizers allow students to … Continue reading

Teaching Vocabulary in Social Studies and Science Part 3

Do your students like games? Are they willing to learn without realizing they are learning because it feels like a game? I know my classes (especially the morning class) will do anything if it is a game. Vocabulary acquisition can … Continue reading


My students LOVE science, so when we came back to science after several weeks of social studies they were pumped! We have done several fun and easy science activities with this standard and I wanted to share some of them … Continue reading

AIMS-web Giveaway!!!

I love to use AIMS-web resources in my classroom especially for science. I have gained many great AIMS-web books this summer and have one extra copy of Weather Sense to giveaway!!!!


You can enter to win below!
Weather Sense Moisture

I will mail the book to you personally when the giveaway is over and a winner has been chosen. The contest starts July 22nd and ends July 30th! Good luck!!!!