Prayer Journey Update

I began this year with a need to pray for the women in my life in specific ways. It has been a journey with ups and downs. Many prayers have been answered and many are still on hold. In the middle of June I had no clue who to add to my prayer lists. I was in the dark. It was quiet. God didn’t seem to place anyone on my heart except for a teenager from church and I wasn’t sure if that was where I was supposed to go or not. A teenager? Really? So for weeks I sat in the silence and prayed that God would show me where to head next with this journey.

At the end of my St. Vincent trip I looked back a how many weeks it had been since I added women to pray for. 6 weeks had gone by. SIX! I then realized that with the five women from my trip and the one teenager who had been on my heart back in June that God had already shown me who those six women were supposed to be. God is so good!

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God May Call

So Saturday night my husband said, “I think your going to fall in love with St. Vincent and we are going to move there.” 

Talk about a scary thing to say. It terrified me. I don’t want to move there. I don’t want to leave the U. S. I don’t want to leave my family, job, friends. 

Saturday night I had a nightmare. I dreamt that I woke up and Kyle had gotten rid of my dogs, sold our vehicles, sold our home, and shipped our stuff to St. Vincent. 

Sunday I cried. I mean bawled like a baby out of fear for my dream coming true. Kyle tried to calm me and reassure me, but I was still nervous. 

What if God calls? What if we are called to ministry on the island long term?

I called my mom today to talk about it and she called me on the carpet. “Danielle, you don’t like the unknown. You like to plan, prepare, and be in control. You can’t be that way this week. You can’t control what happens in the future. What scares you most is that you know God could call you to that island.”

She hit the nail on the head. 

She then told me to stop worrying, enjoy my week on mission, and stay safe. Somehow, mom made everything seem okay. Moms have that gift I guess. 

God, Go before me to the island. Prepare the children there for VBS. Prepare my heart and calm my nerves. Guide me in the way my life should go. 

Decisions Were Made

I have big news!

HUGE news!

God sized news!!!

We had three…3…ThReE … pray to receive Christ as their Lord and Savor last night!!!!

I am so exited to hear and see so many decisions made by our students!!!!!! God moved in our group last night and I can’t wait to see what today will bring with it! 

My prayer for this week has been for God to move me out of the way and work among our students. As I continue to pray this prayer I hope you will begin to pray that same prayer of your children, students, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, youth group, whomever.

Last Week

Last week was week 22 of my prayer journey and the first week that I didn’t reach out to each of the women on my prayer list. The previous week I only had 8 women responds to my text and I was discouraged. I am still praying for all of the women the best I know how, but it isn’t always easy to pray when you don’t know what or how to pray. I am unsure of what God is directing I do with this journey, but I am sure that He will reveal His plan or desire in due time. I added a new woman to my list last week and will continue to pray for all of my friends, but  as for now, I don’t know how to proceed. 

Do I continue to text everyone and hope that it doesn’t annoy them to have this crazy Christian lady asking how she can pray for them? Or do I just pray the best I know how and wait for them to contact me with prayer needs? 


National Day of Prayer

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. In Bartow county we have several special events leading up to this day. Last Sunday there were 6 identical services held all across our county. Same music, same message, same prayer topics. That same night, in 9 locations around our county the bible was being read from cover to cover. People could sign up at to read the bible for 15 minutes. The bible is done being read by Thursday at noon. Then on Thursday at 5:30 we held a county wide service at the court house to present the bibles which were read and signed by all of the readers to the elected county officials. 

Kyle and read the bible together on Tuesday night. We also took the youth group to read on Wednesday night. 

I love to see our community support God’s Word and let our politicians know that we think God is most important in our lives.

How do you all celebrate the National Day of Prayer?

Answered Prayers

I am currently praying for 18 beautiful women of God. I did not know that these 18 women would be the first women I would pray for but each week God shows me who I am supposed to ask if I can be praying for them in specific ways. With the territory of prayer requests I am not only praying for these 18 women but the people in their lives that they have concerns for or about. It has been a joy to pray for these women and lift up their requests to the Lord.

Many prayers have been answered. Even more have not. I want to share some of the praise reports we have had this year so far.

  • A pregnancy where there was trouble becoming pregnant
  • A job when it had been months since a job was in their life
  • A marriage reunited and continuing to heal
  • A job after being told a teaching contract was not coming to them for next year
  • Healthy pregnancy with twins

These are the big ones! The ones that make my heart sing! The ones I have cried over and prayed for daily and will continue to do so. These are big things in these women’s lives even though they may seem small to some of you.

f04f0c340e08cf66886f57b34bfc7a23My God can move mountains through prayer!

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Pray on Pinterest

I love when I find encouragement on Pinterest for all types of things! Look what I found this past week:

Each and every day should start and end with prayer. And truthfully, every step in between should be filled with prayer.

 So many times I have had people ask for prayer, but they have yet to pray about it themselves. I will gladly pray for you, but you should be praying about it too!

Prayer is powerful. Prayer is pertinent. Prayer changes lives.