National Day of Prayer

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. In Bartow county we have several special events leading up to this day. Last Sunday there were 6 identical services held all across our county. Same music, same message, same prayer topics. That same night, in 9 locations around our county the bible was being read from cover to cover. People could sign up at to read the bible for 15 minutes. The bible is done being read by Thursday at noon. Then on Thursday at 5:30 we held a county wide service at the court house to present the bibles which were read and signed by all of the readers to the elected county officials. 

Kyle and read the bible together on Tuesday night. We also took the youth group to read on Wednesday night. 

I love to see our community support God’s Word and let our politicians know that we think God is most important in our lives.

How do you all celebrate the National Day of Prayer?