The Standards have Changed…AGAIN

The Georgia Standards of Excellence are being taught this next school year and that means more changes. Luckily for fifth grade there are not a ton of adjustments to be made. I have updated four products to include these new … Continue reading

More Math

Teaching fifth grade this year means I am creating a TON of stuff…it is exhausting! I just finished the second nine weeks worth of Teach 5s last week and you can find them here. If you are not sure what … Continue reading

Getting Started on the Right Foot

In order for students to set their interactive notebooks up at the beginning of the school year we, as teachers, need to have ours setup first. I started by putting a cute name tag on the cover and writing the name of the subject area and my name.

Then I made a cute cover page just inside each if my three notebooks (math, science, and social studies).



The next four pages are table of contents pages. Last year I glued in table of contents but they didn’t allow for many pages to be recorded. By just writing on the pages I can record 28 pages on each table of contents page for a total 112 page recording spots.

Lastly I numbered each page in the notebook so I would have an easy time recording in the table of contents.

And that’s it. The notebooks are now ready to go. I have examples for the kids to follow as they set up their own notebooks.