Outdoor Pumpkin

I was scrolling through my Jane app a few weeks ago (If you don’t have the Jane app and you love a good deal you NEED to check it out) and I saw several people selling decals for pumpkins. They were so cute! I thought about buying one, but then I realized the design that I liked the most I could make myself on my cricut…SO I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought a fake outdoor pumpkin. I already had the outdoor vinyl (amazon is always the best place to buy vinyl). I used the high gloss black vinyl for the big “R”. It is a 5 inch School House font. Then I used the mate black vinyl for “the” and “uff”. I cut these out on 3 inch Jasmine font. I then used painters tape to carefully transfer them to the pumpkin and set the pumpkin outside.


At the end of the season I can store this beautiful pumpkin in the attic with all of my fall decorations. No need to buy someone else’s vinyl decal. No need to put it on a pumpkin that you will throw away at the end of the season. Spend a little bit more money and have a pumpkin that will last for years and years to come!

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Fall Parties at School

I must say I have the best room mom EVER this year. She is incredible! Anything I need, she gets it done and with joy and creativity sprinkled all over it.

Items for my homeroom’s fall party started showing up earlier and when I saw this:

photo 2

I knew it was going to be fabulous! I called it a pinterest party because she made all of the cute things I pin on pinterest for the party. The kids may not think too much of it, but the fact that this mom put in so much time and effort to help my students’ party feel special meant something small to me.

Here are some more images from the party. Sorry I cannot include any of the games (privacy of my students).

photo 4 photo 3 photo 1

It was awesome! Thank you Mrs. Kelly!!!


It is October and it is time for PUMPKINS!

I love pumpkins (however I do not love pumpkin pie–texture thing)! I have several pumpkins around my classroom and home, but I want to share some pumpkins you can make yourself.

2011 009

This little  pumpkin is a real pumpkin (a few dollars at most grocery stores). It has been drawn on with a black sharpie and raffia is tied around it’s stem. Super easy! Super CuTe!!!


This pumpkin was filled with cheese puffs last year during Halloween (bought at Ingles). When the cheese puffs were gone I washed it out really well and spray pained the outside orange. Then I used my cricut and black vinyl to cut the circles and name out. This year it is full of candy!


My last pumpkin (for now) is a burlap door hanger I made. I cut a pumpkin shape out (two times-front and back), stapled the edges (about every 2 inches), filled with grocery bags (preferably brown bags), paint the outside of the burlap (tempera paint is what I used), and attach string to hang!!! This pumpkin is on my classroom door and makes for a very welcoming fall entrance!