Time to Move On

It has been awhile. I know. There are reasons that I will be sharing soon, but not here. I am leaving Shining the Light in Third Grade and moving to a new blog! It’s a Ruff Life can be found here. I would love to have you all join me in my new journey with this new blog. Please come check it out and follow me!

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A Short Note to Say Good Bye

Last year, my first class of students left our elementary school and went to middle school. Knowing that j would no longer have as much influence on them I wanted to give them a short note of congratulations, encouragement, and good luck. I have begun the task of doing this again this year and want to share my process with you.

  1. Find your class list for the group of students leaving your school.
  2. Email this list to the fifth grade teachers asking whose homeroom they were in. 
  3. Write this information down as the teachers respond.

  I then print my cute note template and begin to write personal notes to each student.

  Then I fold each note in half (after I cut them apart of course) and write the student’s name and homeroom teacher’s name on it. I organize the notes by homeroom and place it in that teacher’s box the last week of school. I love being able to say good bye in a personal and private way to each student! I miss them no matter what, but they will still be around town and come back to visit!