Last Week

Last week was week 22 of my prayer journey and the first week that I didn’t reach out to each of the women on my prayer list. The previous week I only had 8 women responds to my text and I was discouraged. I am still praying for all of the women the best I know how, but it isn’t always easy to pray when you don’t know what or how to pray. I am unsure of what God is directing I do with this journey, but I am sure that He will reveal His plan or desire in due time. I added a new woman to my list last week and will continue to pray for all of my friends, but  as for now, I don’t know how to proceed. 

Do I continue to text everyone and hope that it doesn’t annoy them to have this crazy Christian lady asking how she can pray for them? Or do I just pray the best I know how and wait for them to contact me with prayer needs?