Outdoor Pumpkin

I was scrolling through my Jane app a few weeks ago (If you don’t have the Jane app and you love a good deal you NEED to check it out) and I saw several people selling decals for pumpkins. They were so cute! I thought about buying one, but then I realized the design that I liked the most I could make myself on my cricut…SO I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought a fake outdoor pumpkin. I already had the outdoor vinyl (amazon is always the best place to buy vinyl). I used the high gloss black vinyl for the big “R”. It is a 5 inch School House font. Then I used the mate black vinyl for “the” and “uff”. I cut these out on 3 inch Jasmine font. I then used painters tape to carefully transfer them to the pumpkin and set the pumpkin outside.


At the end of the season I can store this beautiful pumpkin in the attic with all of my fall decorations. No need to buy someone else’s vinyl decal. No need to put it on a pumpkin that you will throw away at the end of the season. Spend a little bit more money and have a pumpkin that will last for years and years to come!

NEW Signature


DIY Mailbox Makeover 

We had one of the ugliest mailboxes. It was a nasty light gray color covered in pollin and dead bugs. It’s slightly dented from where teenagers have driven down the road and hit it with a baseball bat. And worst of all it has our house numbers scrawled on it by the mail carrier in washable marker, so every time it rains it runs down the side. I know you want to see a picture but I forgot to take one before the initial cleaning.

So as apart of my spring break I did a mailbox makeover without buying a new mailbox. 

  1. Clean the mailbox really well.
  2. Let it completely dry.
  3. Use painters tape to wrap the flag if you cannot remove it. If you can remove the flag, then do so.
  4. Spray paint the mailbox with an outdoor spray paint. This may take several coats. I would add a coat every thirty minutes.


  5. Next I used my cricut and vinyl to cut out our address to put in the box.


 6. Then I used a cheaper vinyl (not on purpose) to cut a “R” out.


7. Then I sprayed it with a clear coat to seal it all. The cheap vinyl didn’t like that and actually pealed off. But it left the “R” very faintly. So…

8. I used an acrylic paint to brush on the “R” and finish it off



I still need to paint the flag red but I didn’t remember to grab that stuff while I was at the store and mail doesn’t stop coming, so I had to return the mailbox to its post. It looks a thousand times better than before! 

Cricut Returns

I have been using my cricut expression a lot lately! My favorite material to cut with it is vinyl. Here are some of my new vinyl creations:

photo 1 01 photo photo 2 01

Did you know you can write on vinyl with a dry erase marker and it will come off just like a white board? Learned this, tried it, LOVE it! I use these old paint buckets at school as trash cans, material buckets, and whatever else I may need. Now I can label them and change my mind about what is going in them quickly and easily!

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Every teacher has candy jars in their class. I have a small one for myself (we all need a pick me up during the day), and two bigger ones for the kids. My testing treat jar will have a mixture of candy, homework passes, and T-tickets for kids. Only students who make a 100 on a test get to go to the test treats jar!

Just wanted to share some of my new cricut creations! More to come at the start of the school year!

Making Wall Art to Reflect My Beliefs

I love to create, however I am not an artist and cannot seem to paint well.

BUT… I can use tools to assist in my creations. I used my cricut and some old manilla folders to cut out letters for my wall art.

photo 04

Then I started to arrange them on a burlap canvas ($7 at Hobby Lobby-don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon!)

photo 05

As I was cricutting and placing letters some things had to shift. This is why I never begin to paint before my plan is completely set.

photo 06

Then I used gold acrylic paint and a short paint brush to stipple (dab repeatedly around the edges of each letter) until all of the letters were done. I used the letters for “Lord” as stamps and filled them in so they would stand out.

photo 07

Then I hung it on my wall with some other great finds. (The blue framed mirrors were at Big Lots for $5 each and the cross was a gift from a dear friend- Thanks Shannon and Cason!).

photo 08

Use what represents you to decorate your house.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Weekend Projects

Here are the Cricut creations I talked about in my last post.

Blog August 005 Blog August 004 Blog August 003 Blog August 002 Blog August 001

After finishing these I decided to try to make a t-shirt necklace. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but it is complete.

Start with a t-shirt you don’t need any more. The one below has a small stain on the chest.

Blog August 006

Cut the top and bottom off.

Blog August 007

Then cut the body of the shirt into strips about 3/4″ thick. Do not cut the strips all the way. Leave them connected on one end.

Blog August 008

Then gather the strands and loop them like a necklace. Cut one end from the connected end so that the strands are still all connected on one end, but not connected on the other end.

Blog August 010

Split the strands into thirds, and braid the strands. I left about half of the strands not braided.

Blog August 009

I then hand stitched the ends together.

Blog August 012

It was that simple!

I HEART My Cricut!!!

This week has been crazy! We got home from camp on Saturday night (a week ago) and I immediately began doing laundry. We had church on Sunday, I went to school on Monday and Tuesday (even though I didn’t have to—I know, I’m strange). Actual work began on Wednesday, but is full of meetings as all teachers know. Thursday I worked in my room all day and then Friday came. Friday my husband left for a mission trip to St. Vincent (so I spent all Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights getting everything ready for him). I dropped him off at church at 5 AM on Friday and they got to St. Vincent at 11:45 PM Friday night. This is the shortest amount of time it has taken him to get there with more than 2 people traveling (this is his third mission trip there). I am still praising God for the safe travel and timely arrival.

This morning I got up (reluctantly) and wrote a graduate paper on research based remediation for diverse students who struggle at my school … no one really cares what it was on. But now it is done, turned in, and I can spend the rest of my day doing what ever I would like.

Time to pull out the CRICUT!!!

I love my cricut! I spent Christmas money last year to purchase an Expressions Cricut and I love it. Here are some of the projects I have done in the past few months.

IMG_0540 IMG_0688 IMG_0719 IMG_0749 IMG_0761

Today I am wanting to use my favorite little machine to put my initials on the back of my iPad, a Tervis tumbler, and a tray for my SPED teacher (and partner in crime) at work. So, I’m off to cut. I’ll update you all when I have some fabulous results!!!

Happy Saturday!