Outdoor Pumpkin

I was scrolling through my Jane app a few weeks ago (If you don’t have the Jane app and you love a good deal you NEED to check it out) and I saw several people selling decals for pumpkins. They were so cute! I thought about buying one, but then I realized the design that I liked the most I could make myself on my cricut…SO I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought a fake outdoor pumpkin. I already had the outdoor vinyl (amazon is always the best place to buy vinyl). I used the high gloss black vinyl for the big “R”. It is a 5 inch School House font. Then I used the mate black vinyl for “the” and “uff”. I cut these out on 3 inch Jasmine font. I then used painters tape to carefully transfer them to the pumpkin and set the pumpkin outside.


At the end of the season I can store this beautiful pumpkin in the attic with all of my fall decorations. No need to buy someone else’s vinyl decal. No need to put it on a pumpkin that you will throw away at the end of the season. Spend a little bit more money and have a pumpkin that will last for years and years to come!

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Science in the Movies

If you haven’t been able to tell, I like movies…A LOT. And I know that students like movies too, BUT we can’t watch movies all day long, so we must teach with movies!

The hit movie for kids recently has been FROZEN! Oh my at the number of Elsa’s and Anna’s I saw trick or treating this year! Here is a great clip from the movie to teach science with!

So, did you notice a problem with Olaf’s love of summer? I am sure you adults did, but did your students? Show this clip and then have students talk about why Olaf’s dream of summer isn’t going to work out so well for him. Even better, have them write about it (the new GA test will have tons of writing, so let them practice with something fun like this). If you want to add a cute craft with it, have them make what Olaf would look like if he did ever experience summer.

food snowman Glue snow man paper snowman

Hope this inspires you to have a little fun with movies in your classroom!


Polka Dot Obsession

Let’s face it…I LOVE polka dots!!! Last summer the ladies who worked at the local resource center (TRC) called me “Dot Girl”. I made everything out of circles or it had a border with dots. I even painted my podium with dots! But what I want to share with you is simply made out of construction paper and lamination. I used two different sized circle die cuts and a font die cut to create all of them (SO simple!).


The yellow circles are 3″ and the green circles are 1″. I suggest using the same number of 3″ circles as you are going to letters. So if you want to do “math” you would use 4 circles because there are 4 letters. I tried to balance out the big circles by placing the small circles above and below, behind and in front of the big circles. A dab of glue stick hold the circles and letters in place. then you simply run it through the laminator!!!


Here are some more die cut circle creations: