DIY Ornament

I love to make things with my hands that add beauty to my home. This year my homemade ornament was inspired by Pinterest (of course). I made many different ones but I want to share three of them.

The first one is a simple clear glass ball filled with burlap (3 in. wide burlap ribbon cut in half and then cut into 5 in. strips). Then I used my cricut to cut red vinyl into the word JOY!


The second one is still a clear glass ball filled with burlap but this time I used a flat white vinyl to cut a snowflake and then the red vinyl to cut Merry Christmas! This one I attached to a gift! I love to add a simple gift to the outside of a real gift! It makes it more fun!


The last one is the clear glass filled with burlap with chocolate brown vinyl cut into the nativity and the red vinyl cut into Believe. I think it is important to include the real reason for Christmas into all aspects of the day including the decorations.


The reason for the season is Jesus. Believe in the Nativity. Believe in Jesus.

My Cheap Christmas Tree


We are poor. No extra money for extras, including a nice Christmas tree. Two years ago after Christmas we went to Goodwill looking for a very inexpensive tree, and man did we find one. For $4.50 we bought this 6 1/2 foot tree which was pre-lite (spelling?). Now not all of the tree lights work (we add another stand of lights on top of the ones that don’t work), it’s kind of thin (fill with more ornaments and ribbon), and the box was busted apart (duct tape- need I say more?).

To add to our cheap tree we have dollar tree ornaments, hand made decorations, and after Christmas sale finds! We have found that Walmart truly does have the cheapest ornaments if you are buying a big container of them. Hobby Lobby, with the 40% off promo code, works great for special ornaments.

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Christmas is actually all about a free gift. Christmas isn’t about the trees or decorations. It’s about the birth of a Savior. The coming of the King. Just remember Jesus during this great time of year. My tree is cheap, but Jesus is free. Do you know Him?

Another Simple Christmas DIY

I have an old bar door on my front porch. With each season I have a simple sign hanging on it just to add some cheer to my home entrance. This Christmas I needed something new to hang out there. I found a pretty star, some brown ribbon, and some jingle bells. By simply tying some knots and threading the bells onto the ribbon I have created something simple and festive!

Just wanted to share some simple DIYs!

Christmas Addition for the Burlap Wreath

My standard burlap wreath has been Christmas-i-fied!

I used about a yard of red ribbon and tied a simple bow in the middle. Then I used a floral pin to attach it to the wreath. Next I wrapped the ends around the wreath and attached them with jingle bells using a floral pin on both ends.

Simple, rustic wreath for Christmas!

Decorating Christmas Cookies

This weekend I had to get desserts ready for a Christmas party and it wouldn’t be Christmas without sugar cookies. Now when I was a little girl that meant rolling out the dough, using the cookie cutters, and adding sprinkles. To be honest it was a ton of fun as a kid, BUT I’m not a kid and I don’t have any kids, SOOOOO…

I was lazy.

I still wanted my cookies to be pretty, but I didn’t want to make a big mess (flour no the counter, dough on the rolling pin, dirty cookie sheets, you know how it gets). So I came up with a better option.

photo 1

First slice the cookie dough and bake according to the directions.

As soon as the cookies come out of the oven place a cookie cutter on them, dull side down.

photo 3

Then sprinkle the sprinkles inside of the cookie cutter.

photo 2

Carefully remove the cookie cutter and you have a beautifully stenciled design! This was so much better than the mess I would have had to deal with otherwise.

Showing Love for 25 Days

I love giving gifts and seeing the joy on people’s faces when they receive a gift. Each December I shower my husband with love through gifts. I do 25 days of Christmas for him!

The first year we were married I wanted to start a tradition that I could do for him, but then continue to do for our future children (no mom, I’m not pregnant). The way I set mine up is simple. Each day he gets a card. I type the messages for the cards and then put them together. I hand make my cards to save money. Here are some simple directions for this process:

Hand-Made “cards”:

  1. Buy 4 sheets of 12×12 scrape book paper
  2. Cut them in half. Then cut the halves into thirds.
  3. Trim the typed messages and paste to scrape book paper.
  4. Put in small envelopes.

I do not buy a present for each day. He gets about 6 to 8 gifts, several meals, activities to do together, and some compliments and reasons I love him. Here are some ideas for gifts:

  1. packs of gum
  2. mints   (think KISSING!)
  3. car fresheners
  4. board games   (Fun things to do together!)
  5. movies
  6. books
  7. CDs
  8. coffee   (cheap date night to Starbucks!)
  9. cookies   (from their favorite bakery)
  10. hot chocolate

Here are some ideas for  activities:

  1. Looking at Christmas lights
  2. ice skating
  3. walking in the park
  4. picnic (if you live in a warm climate)
  5. favorite restaurant

Trust me, it really isn’t hard to come up with 25 ways to love your husband. My 25th card is always a real Christmas card by the way.

I organize all of this in a basket under the Christmas tree.

25 days of christmas organization

I wrap all of the gifts and write the day which they go with on the outside of them. On the envelopes I write the day to open it. If it has a present which goes with it I put a P on the envelope. This year I have also added scripture to read each day together to the outside of the envelope.

envelope set up

My husband loves this time of year for many reasons, but he has expressed to me how loved he feels because I take the time to plan this for him and shower him with small things for almost a full month.


Christmas DIY 2

Today’s DIY I made last year and am using it again this year. It is a Christmas card holder. I hang mine in the kitchen window so that I can enjoy looking at the cards while I’m in their cooking and eating.

photo 4

It was really simple to make. You need:

  • small clothes pines
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • ribbon
  • cross stitch hoop

You simply hot glue a clothes pin to the hoop. Space them out. I used about 1 1/2 inches in between each of my clothes pins. Alternate the clothes pin facing into the middle of the circle and facing out of the circle.

photo 1

Then attach a ribbon at the top. I have my covering the fasteners of the hoop. Tie a bow and then…

photo 2

TA DA!!!

Now you can clip all of your cards to the hoop and look at the beautiful well wishes and pictures all month.