Christmas DIY

I love Christmas! I love to read the Christmas story in the bible and teach about Jesus’ birth in Sunday school. I love to decorate the house and remember my Savior’s birth! It is a wonderful time of year.

I also love to create things, and last year I found a tree skirt on pinterest I wanted to make, so over the past 11 months I made it. It didn’t take me eleven months to make it, but it did take a few hours.

photo 1

First I decided how big I wanted my tree skirt to be. Mine has a diameter of 4 feet. I used an old Christmas table cloth that was made out of a thick felt like material to create my base. I then cut a slit into the middle to put it around the base of my tree. Because the material was felt I didn’t have to hem it!!!


Next I bought burlap and a red cotton fabric. I bought one yard of each, but I had some leftover (used it in another project!). I just the two fabrics into six inch strips. Then I began to attach the strips starting on the outside edge of my circle. I hot glued all of the strips (LOVE no sew projects!!!). I added a ruffle once every four inches.


I layered my fabrics all the way to the center, and

Love It Claim

photo 3


photo 2

Be looking for the next Christmas DIY soon!