Faith Timeline

Today I finished reading Believing God by Beth Moore.

Believing God Beth Moore

This was the first Beth Moore book I have ever read. It was very good and I will definitely be reading more of her material. One of the most impacting parts of this book was when Moore urged me (as the reader) to build a “Faith Timeline”.




Here is how to make your own:

  1. Draw a line across a piece of paper.
  2. Divide the line into fifths to the best of your ability.
  3. Take your age and divide it by 5. For each section of the timeline put a portion of your life according to this simple math. For myself the math looks something like this: 27 (my age) / 5 = 5.4, so I rounded to 6 (yes, I know 5.4 doesn’t round to 6, but it was the number I chose). On the first dot I wrote my birth year (1988). On the second dot I wrote 1994, 6 years old. The third says 2000, 12 years old…and so on.
  4. Now insert times when God has moved in your life throughout the timeline. When were you saved? Baptized? God answered a prayer? Healing came? God taught you something? You grew in the Lord?

This was a cool experience for me. I could really see the different times God has moved in my life and shown Himself. It reminded me that He is always there, even when it feels alone. I cannot wait to continue to add moves of God to this timeline! I cannot wait to see how God continues to be faithful! I cannot wait for His timing on all of the things He has for me! I can’t wait!!!

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