Back to School Night No More

We have had a Back to School Night at my school in previous years, on the 10th day of school to inform parents of how each teacher’s class worked and what and how their student would be learning that year. Because of poor parent attendance we no longer have Back to School Night. At first I thought this was great because it was one less night I had to be a school late (not like I go home at a reasonable hour anyway). This past year, without a Back to School Night, it was October (parent teacher conferences) before parents were truly informed of why their students were struggling and what they could do at home to help.

This year I saw a great idea on pinterest for sharing information with parents. I decided to create my own.

Flip Book Back to School

A flip book of information about my teaching team, how we teach, homework expectations, how to help at home, behavior expectations, and so much more.

I found a FREE template here. This template was created by First Grade is a HOOT and it is EDITABLE!

I simply edited the document and printed it on white paper.

Then the fun began. I had to figure out (because I was too stubborn to read the directions provided by First Grade is a HOOT) how to print the document front and back, fold, and staple it. Here is a short cut for you:

  1. Get to a copy machine which can print front and back. If you don’t have access to one of these then it may be a little tougher, but not impossible.
  2. Select seven different colors of paper to use. You want to match your shortest amount of information with your longest amount of information per page.
  3. Then place one page right side up, and the second page upside down but with the text facing you on both pages.
  4. 20140619-164559-60359281.jpg

  5. Print the number you will need for your class.
  6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all seven pages are printed front and back

The key is to make sure one side of the page you can read when the text is facing you and the other side of the page is upside down. When you fold the pages they will all be read right side up.

After all of the pages are printed you simply stack the pages like stair steps, most text on the bottom and least text on the top, and fold close to the text on the top page.


After the pages are folded you will notice your flip book is doubled as you flip through it! Staple the top twice (make sure you get all of the pages stapled in) and you are finished!


Our plan is to send this home in the students’ weekly folder on the second week of school. Parents are too overwhelmed at Open House and need time to process everything.