Some Learners Need to Draw

Years ago I had the pleasure of going through some training about different learners and how they learn. I have also had a good bit of training on interactive notebooks. Between the two I have come to LOVE having my … Continue reading

Science meets Art meets Writing

I love when a creative idea comes to mind. This one was inspired by Teach Like a Pirate (read more about that here). The “P” in pirate stands for passion. Dave Burgess says that you’re not always going to be passionate about the content you are teaching and when that is the case you should include something else that you are passionate about. I am not passionate about animal adaptations, but I do love creating, crafting, painting, anything artsy. So this lesson focuses on the life science standard of animal adaptations but includes art and writing also!

Prior to the lesson we learned all about adaptations and why they are necessary for plants and animals to survive. I also took photos of all of the students’ faces, cropped them, and put them into the Sketch Master app on my iPad.

sketch master

This app can take any photo and turn it into a sketch. There are many different versions of the sketch to choose. I simply chose the one that gave each students’ face some definition without too much shading.

Before the kids started the lesson I cut just their faces out from these printed sketches.

So we started the lesson by reading two books.

animal hair animal teeth

What If You Had Animal Hair? and What If You Had Animal Teeth?

We then talked about which adaptations they would pick if they had to choose. It was a great conversation and I wish I could have recorded it (hahaha!!!). I want rattlesnake teeth so that I can bite and kill anything I want to. I want reindeer hair so that I float all the time. I then explained what was about to happen by showing them my animal hair and teeth on my photo face.


I the have each student a plain sheet of paper and their sketched face. We glued them together and then they sketched in their hair and teeth. It was a blast watching them create these little details and explain to me why they picked them. The last thing I had them do was write two sentences about why they chose the hair they did. What adaptations does that give you? They wrote two more sentences about the teeth. Some of the kids wrote more which was awesome! They turned out so cute!

Next year the same authors are putting out another book.

animal feet

This will add another great dimension to this fun school craftivity!

NEW Signature

Remembering “The Day”

This week I am at Centri FUGE North Greenville University with our youth group. We are having a great time worshiping, learning, and playing together. It has been awesome to see our youth group grow together as well as make new friendships.

A not so awesome part of camp is staying a part from Kyle (my husband). Because of housing at camp and our church’s child protection policy we must stay in dorms with the students. I love the time bonding with the girls, but miss my husband by my side. With this time a part it never fails that I remember our wedding day and I find myself humming our wedding song (Then by Brad Paisley).

I love our song and have made a piece of wall art for our home with the song a few months back.


This canvas is easy to make and any one can do it. Here is how:

I used a 14 x 16 in canvas and spray painted it cream. After it was dry I used a pencil and wrote the lyrics to our wedding song on the canvas. By my own choice I wrote most of it in print but any time I wrote, “I”, “love”, “you”, or “then” I wrote in cursive. Because the lyrics only took half of the canvas I wrote the entire song twice. Then I used a aerosol hairspray to contain the lead on the canvas (just spray lightly, a little goes a long way).


When the canvas was dry I placed vinyl letters (cut with my cricut) on the canvas. I chose the line that repeated the most in the song for my vinyl letters.

Then it was ready to hang! Simple, Inexpensive, and Sweet!

As we continue on at camp this week I am sure this song will continue to play through my head, but it is all for God’s glory that I am here at camp. Please be praying for our youth group and all that God is doing here in Greenville, SC!