I’ve Been Gone

This school year has completely overwhelmed me. We have nine new teachers in the building. Four new teachers in my grade level. We no longer have an academic coach and our AP is new. All of this has added up to more teacher responsibilities. I agreed at the end of the last year to be the lead teacher for PBIS (our school-wide behavior management). I was volunteered to work on third grade common assessments and data collection at the start of this year. The list could go on and on. 

Two weeks ago I had reached my breaking point. I finally had to give something up and it was not easy to sit down and tell our grade level chair that I am not perfect and I cannot do it all. There are fourteen teachers in third grade and I should not be asked to do two time intensive jobs for the grade level. I gave up the common assessment task and have been a little less stressed. 

I didn’t realize how much I missed my blogging community until I scrolled through my Word Press app for the first time in 41 days last night. As I was reading the changes and challenges in each of your lives I was reminded that I am not alone. THAT IS HUGE FOR ME LATELY. I was encouraged by your godly words, scripture references, and love. I NEED THAT! So here I am. Back in the blogging saddle. I am planning on using part of my Fall Break to blog, craft, and read. 

I have missed you. I am looking forward to being back. Let’s Shine the Light in Third Grade!


Rest Peacefully


I had difficulty sleeping as a child, teenager, and young adult. Many nights I would lie their thinking about all I needed to do the next day or everything I had done wrong that day. My brain would keep going long after my body was begging for rest. It wasn’t until I was married and had my husband to talk to each night that I would rest peacefully with ease. He reminds me constantly that God can handle anything I have going on in my life, and that I should just give it all to Him. So tonight, give all of your thoughts, worries, and needs to God. He is bigger than ANYTHING you will face tomorrow!

Calm My Anxious Heart

At the beginning of 2015, some teachers on my hallway wanted to start a ladies bible study. Six of us ladies committed to reading through and discussing a book together. We landed on the book Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.


This great book is full of words of wisdom, testimonies, and commentary on scripture to help women reach contentment. As each A-type personality woman knows, we are anxious, worriers who want every step of life to be clear and fully known in advance of needing to take that step. We do no like to not have a plan. We want to know what to wear, where to be, at what time, and with what in hand.

This book helps to establish content hearts in each reader, and truly I found it to be very helpful. Here are some of my favorite insights:

  • Each of us has a choice about how we look at life: We can focus on the mud or lift our eyes and see the stars.
  • God’s plan for you and His plan for me embrace far more than the events or circumstances that happen to us.
  • Much of our discontent and lack of peace comes from our expectations in our relationships.
  • When we spend precious time worrying about what might happen, anxiety becomes negative baggage that weights us down, saps our energy , and leaves us ineffective.
  • Faith rises us above our circumstances. Faith enables us to be content even when life doesn’t make sense. Faith is the bulwark that keeps us strong even when we’re assailed by agonizing thoughts about what might happen or by what has happened. Faith is a vital component in our relationship with God an in our ability to be content.

I could keep going with pieces of this book and preach it to you, but I won’t. If you struggle with anxiety and not being content, please consider this book.

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When the World Squeezes…

So many times I feel overwhelmed and stressed. There are so many things to do and so little time to do them in. As a woman I feel the need to care for my husband by cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, and being supportive of his goals and dreams. Being supportive as a youth pastor’s wife means going to every youth event, whole church event, listening to/helping with prep for each event, and at times teaching students. As a teacher, at work we have 40 some odd students who depend on us to be at our best each day. And they deserve that! We have to teach, be the nurse for cuts and sore throats, be mom for hugs and support, be dad for discipline, and so much more. Our bosses add pressure, parents add pressure, the board of education adds pressure. So when the world squeezes us what comes out?

I have had the pleasure of listening to Pastor Glenn Sheppard this past week. He stated on Sunday evening, “When the world squeezes us we should leak Heaven on Earth.”

(With Out Words)

That’s a thought. When I’m feeling all of the pressure, how am I reacting? Is it in a manner that leaks Heaven, Jesus, the Lord? I have to constantly be thinking about my testimony and how my actions may help or harm my testimony. Because it isn’t really mine. It’s Jesus’. He’s the one who saved me, made me what I am and is shaping me with each moment of each day!

When the world squeezes you what leaks out of you?

No Internet, No Worries

So as you may have gathered, I live in a small home and it is WAY off the road. When we first moved into this house my husband called the local internet provider to get an estimate for putting in a DSL cable. When Kyle told him how far off the road we were the man hung up!

We love living far off the road, but no internet was a big adjustment for us. We didn’t have smart phones at first, so when we got home … we were home. No way to look up information. No way to check emails. Then I signed up for an online masters program. ONLINE. What was I thinking? I don’t have the internet at home. How can I possibly do that?

We got smartphones. Now its a little better. We can access the internet easily from home, but we hate to use all of our data sitting in the living room. We still worry some about the amount of internet we use at home, but its been nice.

Without the internet we have more time for one another. We are able to talk more, read more, and focus on the more important things in life. It has been nice not having the internet (but online school for both of us made for many visits to the public library and my parent’s house).


I no longer stress about whether I checked my personal email this week (cause I may go awhile). I know God has my best interests at heart and will take care of my needs. I no longer think about if I posted on the blog often enough. He cares for me. I no longer worry about what facebook, instagram, or twitter say about me. No internet, No worries.

I can survive. Can you?