You’re an Idiot

My husband sent me this the other day after a lunch date with a bunch of other youth pastors. 

I am still laughing as I read it now. This is me to a T. My husband (and his youth pastor friends) is insane and their are moments when I do shake my head, smile, and say, “You’re an idiot.” 

I love Kyle more than any other human though. God only knows why sometimes, but I do. I would marry him again tomorrow!


Rest Peacefully


I had difficulty sleeping as a child, teenager, and young adult. Many nights I would lie their thinking about all I needed to do the next day or everything I had done wrong that day. My brain would keep going long after my body was begging for rest. It wasn’t until I was married and had my husband to talk to each night that I would rest peacefully with ease. He reminds me constantly that God can handle anything I have going on in my life, and that I should just give it all to Him. So tonight, give all of your thoughts, worries, and needs to God. He is bigger than ANYTHING you will face tomorrow!


Yesterday was my birthday. It was a good day, but by the end of the day I was struggling. I thought that by 27 I would have at least one child. Last night as I tried to sleep I found myself without hope. At times I slip into this state of hopelessness. Kyle reminded me that we have hope in the Lord.


NEW Signature

10 Years!!!

Kyle and I have been together for ten years as of today! If you had told the 16 year old version of me that I would marry my first boyfriend I would have laughed until I was crying. It hasn’t been an easy ten years, but through long distances, career changes, marriage, and infertility we have grown even closer to each other and God.

Thank you Kyle for loving me through it all, guiding me towards Christ, encouraging me when times are tough, and making me laugh each day! I love you more now than ever and can’t wait to see what life holds for us.  


What am I waiting for?

I love having photographs all around the house. Any time I see a picture frame on sale that I like, I get it. I’ve had several empty frames in the house, some for years, with plans to put baby pictures in or new family photos. 

 I haven’t realized that these empty frames display a lack of contentment in my life until recently. Having plans for these frames is fine, but waiting on something that hasn’t happened yet is not a way to live. Kyle and I have moments to remember and celebrate now in our lives. We don’t have to wait to fill these frames. In celebration of these times, I have filled the frames which I have pictures the correct size for.

  I still need to print 2 5x7s and place them in frames as well. When the time comes, we will either buy more frames or replace the images in the current frames. Until that time comes we will remember and celebrate the great times in our lives!

DIY Mailbox Makeover 

We had one of the ugliest mailboxes. It was a nasty light gray color covered in pollin and dead bugs. It’s slightly dented from where teenagers have driven down the road and hit it with a baseball bat. And worst of all it has our house numbers scrawled on it by the mail carrier in washable marker, so every time it rains it runs down the side. I know you want to see a picture but I forgot to take one before the initial cleaning.

So as apart of my spring break I did a mailbox makeover without buying a new mailbox. 

  1. Clean the mailbox really well.
  2. Let it completely dry.
  3. Use painters tape to wrap the flag if you cannot remove it. If you can remove the flag, then do so.
  4. Spray paint the mailbox with an outdoor spray paint. This may take several coats. I would add a coat every thirty minutes.


  5. Next I used my cricut and vinyl to cut out our address to put in the box.


 6. Then I used a cheaper vinyl (not on purpose) to cut a “R” out.


7. Then I sprayed it with a clear coat to seal it all. The cheap vinyl didn’t like that and actually pealed off. But it left the “R” very faintly. So…

8. I used an acrylic paint to brush on the “R” and finish it off



I still need to paint the flag red but I didn’t remember to grab that stuff while I was at the store and mail doesn’t stop coming, so I had to return the mailbox to its post. It looks a thousand times better than before!