The Standards have Changed…AGAIN

The Georgia Standards of Excellence are being taught this next school year and that means more changes. Luckily for fifth grade there are not a ton of adjustments to be made.

I have updated four products to include these new standards. The Simple Standard Posters are FREE!!!!! I love to print these on white paper and mount them to construction paper and laminate them. I know other friends have printed the science on one color and social studies on the other to match their color coded classrooms (Go You!!!)

Science Standards for FREE here!

Social Studies Standards for FREE here!

The Interactive notebooks are a HUGE part of my teaching and talking about the standards with the kids is super important to me! These pages have the standard, achievement descriptors, essentail questions, and a spot for the kids to answer the EQs before and after you have taught it. I allow my kids to use the lines outside of the printed paper too so that they have enough space for their thoughts.

science notebook

Interactive Notebook Science Standards here!

Interactive Notebook Social Studies Standards here!

School starts tomorrow for me…so wish me luck teaching these new standards!!!

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