Do You have a Growth Mindset?

Have you heard about Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset? A ton of schools are moving to a Growth Mindset initiative. It inspires to kids to celebrate their growth and not be defeated by their scores.

I have looked at a good bit of what is out their, but to be honest…I have been doing a lot of what they have. I have inspirational quotes in my room. We talk about the different kinds of mistakes we make and how the mistakes at least prove that we tried. We read books about making mistakes and trying hard. So I decided to put my lesson ideas and posters into a document for you!

Growth Mindset 3

I have several posters in my Growth Mindset Starter Kit. I hang them all over my room. The “Mistakes are Proof that I am trying.” goes along the back of my room. This year I didn’t laminate it because we are going to color a letter of the phrase each time the students catch my mistakes. When all of the letters are colored in we are going to have a mistake party! I hang “Its okay to not know, It’s not okay to not try” behind my desk (turn in bucket, bookshelves, common traffic area). The growth mindset posters are on my bullentin board next to our class data graphs so we can remind ourselves of our goals and the growth we are making.

Growth Mindset 1

The Starter Kit also includes a summary of the lessosn I teach with each part of the kit. I tell you the books I use, how I use the resources, and what I do when I am done teaching the lessons. Get my Growth Mindset Starter Kit here.

Growth Mindset 2 Growth Mindset 4

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How do you encourage your students to take chances and make mistakes?

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