Song Series: O’Lord

Life is not easy. So many times it feels like we are walking on the edge of a cliff with no other options but to jump and hope that something will catch us. One thing after another goes wrong at work. Teammates are all arguing about whose fault it is. Bosses are upset and yelling at whoever they come to first. Church people are dissatisfied with the music, scripture references, length of service, carpet color… At home all you do is fight. The budget is a joke and bills are piling up. The doctor says that your options are limited. The teacher doesn’t understand why the assignment is late and is unwilling to adjust your grade. Whatever it is, I know it is not easy.

What we have to remember is that God is using whatever you are going through in order to teach you something, lead you somewhere, or prepare you for what is ahead. He doesn’t put you through hardships just to get a laugh. He takes our lives and uses them for His good. Not our good. God’s definition of “good” is not what WE consider good and we couldn’t even begin to understand because we do not have the knowledge that God has. He can see the entire picture, but we are stuck in the here and now. It is impossible for us to understand why we are going through these difficult times when we cannot see the outcome.

So many times I have to remind myself that God is either teaching me, leading me, or preparing me for something through this infertility. I am so thankful that Kyle and I are both healthy and that medically there is nothing wrong. We have no clue, and the doctors don’t either, why we cannot get pregnant. But I do know that God is going to use this to bring himself glory. He has already taught me so much through all of this. He is already holding my hand, leading me down paths that I never thought I would take. He is preparing my heart and life for something that I didn’t have planned. I am still unsure of what that is, but I know that it will be God’s definition of good.

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Jeremiah 29:11

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