Prayer Fatigue: 10 Ways to Revive Your Prayer Life

For my birthday (back in May) my sweet husband gave me a book off of my Amazon wish list. Prayer Fatigue: 10 Ways to Revive Your Prayer Life by Jennifer Kennedy Dean.


When I received the book I was excited (because I love to read) but I put the book on the shelf and walked away. I am glad I did now, because I needed this book now. God has had me on this prayer journey since the end of last year and it has been just that, a journey. I have experienced some high, highs, and some lows I didn’t know I could get to. I wrote about my fears of failure with this task back in January (post link) and I have experienced those fears. This summer was super hard on me, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I walked away from my prayer journey completely in the middle of August. I struggled through it this summer, but I was not doing what I knew I was supposed to. I think I just kept telling myself I was doing it because I was still praying for these women. I was not however checking in with each of them on a weekly basis. By August I wasn’t checking in with anyone. I wasn’t praying for them on a regular basis. And I wasn’t adding anyone new to my list either. I had walked away.

A few weeks ago I knew that I was supposed to come back to my journey. I knew that it was time to return to God and his calling on this year. I had already failed, but I didn’t have to stay in that failure. One Sunday afternoon (about two weeks ago) I found this book on the book shelf and picked it up. It was exactly what I needed. It was inspirational! It was covered in God’s word! It was a page turner and ignited my prayer life again.

Here are some thoughts from the book that truly inspired and touched my heart:

Prayer Fatigue Quote

  • Prayer will become a force that moves mountains and brings power and provision into your circumstances.
  • He (God) is never absent or distracted. Nothing comes to you that is yours to bear or even process on your own. You can always be in conversation with Him in some form, at some level. You will find Him nudging your thoughts in a new direction or reminding you of something that colors the moment. He is alive and living in you. He is active and present-tense and now-speaking. He is not an abstract idea or a set of beliefs. He is real. He is fully present to you all the time.
  • He (Jesus) is inside you. He has direct access to your thoughts, desires, ideas, and hopes. He can speak to you from inside, making direct deposits from His heart to yours. The communication is so intimate that it may feel like a thought that occurred to you.

Prayer Fatigue 2

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. You will not look at prayer the same. You will not see God the same. If you want to ignite a passion in your relationship with God through prayer this book may be the tool to do just that.

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