I’ve Been Gone

This school year has completely overwhelmed me. We have nine new teachers in the building. Four new teachers in my grade level. We no longer have an academic coach and our AP is new. All of this has added up to more teacher responsibilities. I agreed at the end of the last year to be the lead teacher for PBIS (our school-wide behavior management). I was volunteered to work on third grade common assessments and data collection at the start of this year. The list could go on and on. 

Two weeks ago I had reached my breaking point. I finally had to give something up and it was not easy to sit down and tell our grade level chair that I am not perfect and I cannot do it all. There are fourteen teachers in third grade and I should not be asked to do two time intensive jobs for the grade level. I gave up the common assessment task and have been a little less stressed. 

I didn’t realize how much I missed my blogging community until I scrolled through my Word Press app for the first time in 41 days last night. As I was reading the changes and challenges in each of your lives I was reminded that I am not alone. THAT IS HUGE FOR ME LATELY. I was encouraged by your godly words, scripture references, and love. I NEED THAT! So here I am. Back in the blogging saddle. I am planning on using part of my Fall Break to blog, craft, and read. 

I have missed you. I am looking forward to being back. Let’s Shine the Light in Third Grade!


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