St. Vincent Series Wrap Up

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Back in March Kyle asked me to pray about going to St. Vincent Island on mission. He specifically asked me to pray about going for VBS. After a few days of praying about it I knew I was supposed to go. I also knew it would be expensive and that I didn’t hold a current passport. Within 48 hours of telling Kyle I was supposed to go on this mission trip God provided the financial means for me to go on this trip. Thank you Atco Baptist Church for providing for my way to St. Vincent. I could not possibly tell you all of the things God showed me in those nine days. You will never fully know what this first foreign mission trip did for me and my relationship with God. I may never fully know what the work I did on the island will flourish into. But God does. So the financial support was given for my trip and now I had a deadline to meet for my passport. I needed my new passport number by the end of March and we were already several days into the month. I filled out the paper work, had a new photo taken, and sent all of it off in the mail. The internet said it could be six to nine weeks before my new passport came in. It was ten days! I had my passport number in plenty of time to meet the deadline. God was lining everything up for this trip.

In the months and weeks leading up to our trip I prayed, studied, and sang Journey Off the Map constantly. I like to be prepared for things and I honestly had no clue what I was preparing for. I wanted to have all of my bases covered and I did that by diving into the material would be teaching the children and the songs we would be singing with them. My family and close friends know that I love a routine and schedule and do not do well when there is change. God was going to test me with this trip. “Island Time” is a whole new idea to me. In the nine days I was away from home I saw God’s hand in some many places and ways that I could not possibly tell you all of them, but these are the main points that God taught me.

  1. Trust Me (God) to get you there.
  2. Don’t be so spoiled, I (God) will give you what you NEED.
  3. God cannot be compared to anything.
  4. These children know about Jesus, they don’t need me in order to know about Him.
  5. God has called me to work with children.
  6. I am not too important to serve others, no matter how lowly the task.
  7. Don’t judge people.
  8. Be BOLD in sharing my faith.
  9. Do not worry. Worrying doesn’t fix anything anyway.
  10. Each life saved is worth more than anything you can buy on earth.
  11. God loves Kyle more than I will ever be able to. No one can take Kyle out of God’s hand.
  12. Even when it feels like something small and unimportant, God will listen to your prayers and take care of it.
  13. Nothing is impossible with God.

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