St. Vincent Series: Delayed Just for Us

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Our flight to Charlotte was slightly delayed, but not too bad. As we were approaching Charlotte to land I was starting to get nervous about making our flight to Atlanta. We originally had almost two hours in Charlotte, which would have been plenty of time to go through customs, get my luggage, go through immigration, recheck my bag, go back through security, and make our flight. We might have even had time for dinner. But it was looking like we were going to have right at one hour to make our flight.

We got off the plane, made our way through customs, grabbed our luggage, flew through immigration, rechecked our bags, skipped a bunch of people in line for security (thanks to our friends who didn’t get their luggage back to the U.S.), and ran to our gate. Some people risked it and grabbed dinner, but not me. I was standing there until they let me on because I was going HOME.

It turns out our flight was delayed for thirty minutes and that is truly the only reason our team made it on to that flight. Several of our team members could not have gotten there sooner and managed to make it on to the flight at the very last boarding call.

Some may say that was luck or coincidence, but I don’t believe in those. I believe it was God. You see the bible tells us that, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27) and I believe that God delayed our flight to Atlanta so that we could all make it home.

We landed in Atlanta at 11:48 pm. The team from Union Island was supposed to beat us to Atlanta, but their flight out of Miami was delayed several hours and they were going to be a few more hours. My dad graciously drove down to the airport in Atlanta to pick up a few of us so that we didn’t have to wait on the other team to take the bus home. I made it to Cartersville around 1:00 am and dropped of the student who was with me and pulled into my driveway at 2:00 am. I was so glad to be home. I was excited to sleep in my bed. I had been traveling for 22 hours and knew that I was going to be up in a few short hours for church.

The blessing that came the next day was even better; I wasn’t tired through Sunday school or church or even lunch with my parents. God blessed me with strength and energy for this day.

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