St. Vincent Series: Meeting the Young Boy

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Wednesday afternoon Kyle introduced me to the young boy who washed his feet. I immediately was shocked. This boy was in my bible study group for VBS. He was a ring leader in turning our bible story time into a three ring circus. This is the boy?!? REALLY?????

Of course the boy, whose name was Shamron recognized that I was going to expect more out of him immediately. Because I now knew that he had a kind heart. A heart that was more than willing to serve others.

The first two days of VBS were difficult at Overland Baptist Church. The students were rowdy and squirrelly to be completely honest. It was hard work keeping them focused because of the language barrier. If the people from the island didn’t want you to understand them, they would simply speak in Dialect. When they did that you could forget trying to figure out what was being said. They talk lightning fast, with a crazy French/British accent, and use phrases and words that are not in our American English. It was super frustrating!!!!

So when I met Shamron I was shocked and confused. He had been the boy who was switching the conversation to Dialect. He was the one who was getting the group laughing and off topic. He was the boy who was causing a lot of my frustration.

Wednesday was our turning point though. Shamron helped me gain control of our bible study time. He didn’t switch the language any more. He smiled more, and I loved him! Shamron was God’s way of teaching me something on Wednesday. He taught me that I cannot possibly know who someone is within two days. There is more than what meets the eye. Who am I to judge? Jesus said, “’Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.’” (Matthew 7:1-2). I am no better than Shamron. I am not special. I should not have judged him. I should not have been shocked that he was the boy who washed Kyle’s feet. How wrong I was…

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