Open House Stations…THEY WORKED!!!!!!

The new year has started and I am exhausted! Last week was our first full week and it was a BLAST!!!!!

Now to Open House details. I changed up how I did my stations this year and loved it so much more!


This year my first four stations were out in the hallway. I brought a little table from home and set up these stations here to ensure that I had all parents go through these four.


Station1: Parent Sign-In- The office gives us a sign in sheet so they have an attendance record for Title funding. 


Station 2: Transportaion- Parents let me know how their student is going home the first day of school. I have lost this list before and now keep it in a super safe and secure place after Open House. This is the most important station in my opinion. 


Station 3: E-mail Sign Up- I send out a weekly parent email and this list helped ensure I get most if not all parent emails. 


Station 4: Leads families into the classroom to fill out the school information card and medical card. All of the other information and forms are in a folder to go home. 


The next three stations are in the classroom. I place these inside the room because they are not as important as the ones in the hallway. 


Station 5: Snack station- We all know that Open House can be a long night and for families with several kids in school it is a super long night. Snacks help everyone!

IMG_1648 IMG_1649


Station 6: Parents can volunteer to send in extra supplies. They take the elephant for the supply they can send in. 


Station 7: Make sure to meet all of your teachers! Next year I will include classroom numbers for these teachers. 

Open house was a ton of fun and a complete success! It felt organized and I had more email addresses than ever before. 

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