St. Vincent Series: These Children Know About Jesus

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While we were on the island we were doing VBS at two churches. On Monday morning when we arrived at Sandy Bay Baptist Church I wasn’t sure what to expect. We walked in to a small, one-room church with wooden pews and saw several precious faces. We were running behind, but set up quickly and began our first opening rally with them. I was leading in worship all week and was excited to teach two new songs to the kids.


After the opening rally we split into age groups for bible story time. Bri (a 15 year old student from my home church) and I were teaching the 8 and 9 year olds about Jesus. If you were a part of the Journey Off the Map VBS this year, you have heard or taught the lessons. Day 1 is about Knowing your Guide. We were teaching about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Our materials for the lesson included a bible story picture. This picture was divided into four scenes: Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in the manger, Jesus talking with his disciples, Jesus healing the blind man, and Jesus coming out of the tomb. At the start of our lesson we showed this picture to our group of kids and they could tell us about each picture. They knew who Jesus was, what he had done, and what he was willing to do for them! They knew Jesus!


I don’t know why this astonished me, but for some reason in my head I was expecting to minister to children who had never heard the name of Jesus before. Children who didn’t go to church. Children who…I don’t know…needed me to tell them about Jesus. I quickly discovered that these children were taught the bible at Sandy Bay and they knew all about who Jesus was.


God didn’t send me to St. Vincent for a vacation, or to see the beauty of this island, or even so that I could tell the children who would never hear about Jesus because they needed me to tell them all about Jesus. That Monday morning God showed me that children everywhere are learning about Jesus from pastors, Sunday school teachers, school teachers, moms and dads, and yes, from missionaries too. I was not needed in order for these children to know who Jesus was. They already knew. I was there to be obedient to God’s call for me to go to St. Vincent. I was there to love on children. I was there to share God’s word with them, even if they already knew who Jesus was.


We taught the lesson and had a lot of good input from our young students! It is great to know that these children have a wonderful support system in church. They have adults who teach them the bible. They are being taught how to shine their light so that others may come to know Jesus.

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