Prayer Journey Update

I began this year with a need to pray for the women in my life in specific ways. It has been a journey with ups and downs. Many prayers have been answered and many are still on hold. In the middle of June I had no clue who to add to my prayer lists. I was in the dark. It was quiet. God didn’t seem to place anyone on my heart except for a teenager from church and I wasn’t sure if that was where I was supposed to go or not. A teenager? Really? So for weeks I sat in the silence and prayed that God would show me where to head next with this journey.

At the end of my St. Vincent trip I looked back a how many weeks it had been since I added women to pray for. 6 weeks had gone by. SIX! I then realized that with the five women from my trip and the one teenager who had been on my heart back in June that God had already shown me who those six women were supposed to be. God is so good!

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