Trying to Pack

Yesterday I set out all of my gear to pack for St. Vincent. Today I am going to attempt to get it into my bag. OH MY! You would think 8 days in a foreign country wouldn’t be so bad, but I am proving otherwise.


I get one checked bag (up to 50 lbs.) that I will put craft supplies and clothing in.

I get one carry on bag (up to 15 lbs.) that I will put three days worth of clothes in and a small amount of toiletries.

I get one personal bag (may or may not be apart of the 15 lbs. for carry-on) that will have things to entertain me with on the flights down.

Tonight I have to go weigh my bags in and determine how much more or less I will need to add or take away from my bag. Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “Trying to Pack

  1. We went to England for two weeks, and I took 12 pieces of clothing. 2 pair of slacks – blue and white. Blue pencil skirt and white pleated skirt. Blue shell with white trim. White ruffled blouse. White linen two-piece dress – could wear top as a jacket. A blue and white striped blouse. And a sweater. That plus underwear and stockings all fit in one suitcase. I took and empty train case for souvenirs. Oh, and a pretty belt. Wore one pair of shoes and packed the other.

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      • Just pick two colors and stick with them, plus maybe a bright scarf or something for contrast. The linen two-piece dress was white with little blue flowers. Lucky find at the thrift shop. I thought my hostess would get sick of seeing me in blue and white, but she claimed she was eager to see the next combination. (British tact, I think.)

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