The Cross is Not a Crutch

Fearfully Wonderfully Me did an amazing job of encouraging Christians to live lives for Christ not for ourselves seeking out religion. Thank you for sharing this blog post with us!

Fearfully Wonderfully Me


(Photo Credit)

I’ve often heard the argument from non-Christians that God is just a crutch for believers. He makes us feel better, gets us through tough times, and helps us deal with things when we can’t handle reality.

Well, I guess you could say there can be some truth to that statement. Here’s what I mean by this: God isn’t a crutch, but religion can be used as one.

Knowing this truth requires the understanding that being religious and following Jesus are two totally different concepts. With religion you can pray, go to church, study your Bible, and say and do all of the right things. Religion is about us and what we can do to make ourselves look and feel good. 

Being a true follower of Jesus Christ is realizing that there is nothing we can do anymore–God’s already done it all by sacrificing His one and only Son…

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