Morning Meetings Introduction…FREEBIE!

A few months ago I posted about this book.

First 10 Minutes

Steve Reifman wrote The First Ten Minutes about how to start the school day in a way which will help all students. I enjoyed this book greatly but had a difficult time trying to start these routines back in January. I do plan to start this next school year using Reifman’s routines…to an extent. 

My Morning Meetings will have three parts:

  1. Morning Mood
  2. Motivational Moments
  3. Magic Movement

Morning Moods will be where students tell the class a number (1-10) which will indicate how their day is going so far. Students will not elaborate, but students or myself may check in with the student throughout our class time together. 

Motivational Moments will be different each day. They will include things like manners, character education, review of the school-wide behavior plan, quotes, and sharing. 

Magic Movements are the movements described in Reifman’s book. They are intended to wake the mind up while calming the student down.

I have created a power point presentation to teach students about how this will work each day. You can get the Morning Meetings Freebie here.

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