Can you imagine a soldier without a helmet?

I love this!


Great visuals and ties to our own current world. Thanks for sharing this with us all!

Cherry Drop Princess

Can you imaging seeing a soldier without a helmet? I think you would be shocked. You would probably be thinking, you idiot! Do you want to die! I can tell you, if I ever found out my husband was riding a motorbike without a helmet I would have some pretty strong words to say to him!

Yet we don’t seem to be worried about people who are effectively running around a battle field without a helmet.

If people are not Christians, if they do not know the reality of Christ’s salvation, they are in even greater danger than a soldier who goes to battle on the front line without a helmet. They are as good as dead.

That should worry us.

If we do not accepted Christ, and put on the helmet of his salvation, then we are as good as dead.

This is serious stuff.

Christ saved you. He took…

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