New Bulletin Boards

After four years with the same border and fabric I wanted something completely different. Of course this desire came on the first year that I haven’t had to move classrooms. Oh well! Here is what my entire board looks like.


My entire room will be black, red, white, and shades of gray. I am doing silhouettes of elephants everywhere (no I am not an Alabama fan-although I have been asked that already 😉 ). 


This section of my board has the math rubric I use for all performance tasks. It also has all of the standards of mathematical practices (SMPs). My rubric ties to these standards and I do plan on adding red ribbon to this part of the board connecting the standards to the parts of the rubric they go with.

You can get these SMPs here for FREE!


I hope to make my classroom much more goal oriented this year. We are going to make individual goals in our math portfolios that follow the SMART goals acronym as well as class goals which will be written on the poster here. 


This is the mode epode part of my board. I will pin standards here. Write the EQs here. Change the day, calendar, and class jobs here. I plan on hot gluing some clothes pins to the bottom of the board below the “No Name” sign to hang papers turned in with no name on them.

I can’t wait to get back into my room later this summer and adding to my beautiful new color scheme! THis change of scenery will make a new year feel even more refreshing!


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