Do You Really Want to Get Well?

Fearfully Wonderfully Me continually writes great posts that remind me of my need for God. This post hits close to home for some of the things I have been praying for myself as well as for others.

Fearfully Wonderfully Me

pool pic

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All of us suffer from something–usually multiple issues–at any given time. We may need physical healing, mental healing, a new job, restored relationships, financial stability, or any other relief from suffering.

No matter what needs healing, Jesus Christ has the power to deliver us. He may touch us directly, or He might use other people or resources to provide for our needs.

In John chapter 5, we see another example of Jesus healing someone. The passage describes a pool where the physically disabled go to lie. Every so often, an angel from God would come down and stir up the waters of the pool. When Jesus goes to this pool, he meets a man who has been lying there disabled for thirty-eight years. Although we expect healing for this man right away, something different happens:

When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been

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