It was all misunderstanding.

Yesterday was a rough day. I am trying to look out of my team teachers, future students, and how I am going to teach next school year. As an inclusion teacher with no services from Title I teachers or EIP teachers I find it important to make sure that I do not have any Title I or EIP students. I just wanted to double check this with the sweet friend who is scheduling all of the homerooms.

There was a misunderstanding.

I stayed calm, cool, and collected and simply asked to verify the above facts. She told me I would not get to see my roster and she would not guarantee that I do not have Title I or EIP students next year. I walked about fine with that. Not happy, but fine. I can handle any job you give me if I have time to prepare. I now knew that I would probably need to prepare for a super low class (what with 28 SPED students coming to our two man team next year + however many Title I/EIP students).

I guess she misunderstood.

Next thing I know she is complaining to the assistant principle about me. WHAT? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t get upset. I didn’t throw a fit. I didn’t do anything but make a request and when denied I went back to my classroom.

After talking with my husband and mom I felt better. I do not think I will be in any trouble (because I did nothing wrong) and I know to prepare for a low group of students. I’m good. I may have been misunderstood, but she may have had a hard weekend or morning. She may have just been harassed by another teacher. She may have needed a hug instead of a question.

Misunderstandings…they STINK!

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