Answered Prayers

I am currently praying for 18 beautiful women of God. I did not know that these 18 women would be the first women I would pray for but each week God shows me who I am supposed to ask if I can be praying for them in specific ways. With the territory of prayer requests I am not only praying for these 18 women but the people in their lives that they have concerns for or about. It has been a joy to pray for these women and lift up their requests to the Lord.

Many prayers have been answered. Even more have not. I want to share some of the praise reports we have had this year so far.

  • A pregnancy where there was trouble becoming pregnant
  • A job when it had been months since a job was in their life
  • A marriage reunited and continuing to heal
  • A job after being told a teaching contract was not coming to them for next year
  • Healthy pregnancy with twins

These are the big ones! The ones that make my heart sing! The ones I have cried over and prayed for daily and will continue to do so. These are big things in these women’s lives even though they may seem small to some of you.

f04f0c340e08cf66886f57b34bfc7a23My God can move mountains through prayer!

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