What am I waiting for?

I love having photographs all around the house. Any time I see a picture frame on sale that I like, I get it. I’ve had several empty frames in the house, some for years, with plans to put baby pictures in or new family photos. 

 I haven’t realized that these empty frames display a lack of contentment in my life until recently. Having plans for these frames is fine, but waiting on something that hasn’t happened yet is not a way to live. Kyle and I have moments to remember and celebrate now in our lives. We don’t have to wait to fill these frames. In celebration of these times, I have filled the frames which I have pictures the correct size for.

  I still need to print 2 5x7s and place them in frames as well. When the time comes, we will either buy more frames or replace the images in the current frames. Until that time comes we will remember and celebrate the great times in our lives!


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