DIY Student Teacher Gift

My TOSS student is done on Monday of next week and I wanted the kids to be able to make something cute for her. I am giving her a flash drive with all of my digital resources as well as my partner’s. I also picked up an easy grader for her. The last gift she will be getting is a beautiful canvas with all of the kids’ fingerprints on it.

The idea came from Pinterest!


I am not the best artist, so I found a tree outline I liked and put it in a word document so I could expand the size.


Then I placed the print out behind the canvas I bought and went to the window to trace the outline. I did this in pencil, but then went back and colored it in with a black sharpie. Today I put the kids’ fingerprints on the tree branches. I wrote down whose print went where so they could sign their print after it dried. After we had all signed, I wrote the phrase at the bottom.


I still need to seal it with modpodge, but for the most part it is finished!

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