Organization for Taxes

I hate tax season! I feel like I am never organized enough or have anything set up to help me get ready to meet with the tax accountant. This year was our first with filing as an ordained minister which was even scarier because we didn’t know what to expect. 

Last Friday we sat down with a new accountant to file our taxes and it went sooooo well! She told us what to keep up with as far as deductibles and receipts. So I have come up with a system based off of her advice and my great friend Laurie’s organization idea!

I have a notebook for taxes now. In it are sheets for each type of deductible to track and sheet protectors to store receipts in.


I am tracking education, school/teacher supplies, home expenses, medical, dental, ministry, and donations! Each section has a recording sheet.


 I record the date, store/location, and amount of money. Then I store the receipt or check stub in the page protector behind it.


 I think this is really going to help me stay organized for next year’s taxes. Or at least I hope (fingers crossed).

Any other ideas on how to stay organized for this not so pleasant time of year? 


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