She Laughs at the Days to Come

What an encouraging word from Alison over at Cherry Drop Princess. Thank your for sharing from your heart and God’s word! I needed to hear this today.

Cherry Drop Princess

she laughs at the days to come she laughs at the days to come

I know I am always saying this is my favourite bible verse, or that is my favourite bible verse. But this truly is one of my favourites. It is found in the final chapter of Proverbs. The one all about the perfect wife. All of the many many things she does; wakes up early, sells linens, buys fields. looks after the children etc. etc. She must be exhausted! And yet this little verse is tucked in there.

She laughs at the days to come.

She is not worried. She is not preoccupied with all the things she has to do tomorrow.

She looks to the future, and she laughs.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She doesn’t take life too seriously. She laughs. What joy she must know to be able to just laugh.

What faith she must have in her Father, in…

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