Sub Finder… Ugh

So it’s snowing in Georgia and this girl was looking for her school to cancel. At 6:30 when I need to be leaving they still haven’t canceled but the sheriff’s department is saying not to drive in my county. So my protective husband says, “Your not going to work.”

Like a good teacher I get online to get a sub. We use Sub Finder to do this and at 6:34 it won’t let me report an absence. Ugh! So I call the school. No answer. So I text my principal. No response!

At 6:50 the schools decide to close. The buses are already running and have to return children to there homes. The cafeteria workers already have breakfast ready and have to stick it in the fridge. Some dedicated teachers are already there and get to go home!

Oh my! How late they called it!


One thought on “Sub Finder… Ugh

  1. Wow! That is a late call! I bet there were some frustrated parents as well as teachers. I teach in Oconee, SC, thankfully we got the call a little before 6am. Enjoy your ‘Snowcation’!


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