When the World Squeezes…

So many times I feel overwhelmed and stressed. There are so many things to do and so little time to do them in. As a woman I feel the need to care for my husband by cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, and being supportive of his goals and dreams. Being supportive as a youth pastor’s wife means going to every youth event, whole church event, listening to/helping with prep for each event, and at times teaching students. As a teacher, at work we have 40 some odd students who depend on us to be at our best each day. And they deserve that! We have to teach, be the nurse for cuts and sore throats, be mom for hugs and support, be dad for discipline, and so much more. Our bosses add pressure, parents add pressure, the board of education adds pressure. So when the world squeezes us what comes out?

I have had the pleasure of listening to Pastor Glenn Sheppard this past week. He stated on Sunday evening, “When the world squeezes us we should leak Heaven on Earth.”

(With Out Words)

That’s a thought. When I’m feeling all of the pressure, how am I reacting? Is it in a manner that leaks Heaven, Jesus, the Lord? I have to constantly be thinking about my testimony and how my actions may help or harm my testimony. Because it isn’t really mine. It’s Jesus’. He’s the one who saved me, made me what I am and is shaping me with each moment of each day!

When the world squeezes you what leaks out of you?


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