This prayer journey has been amazing so far! God is teaching me so much.

I’m hurting tonight as I check in with the women I’m praying for because one of them isn’t taking me seriously. The first week I asked how I could pray for her she never answered. That’s fine. I can still pray for blessings, God’s will, good health, etc. Then for two weeks I felt like they requested good things for prayer. I thought we had connected about my purpose behind this.

Tonight when I checked in with her she told me, “To lose 15 pounds by morning.”


This is serious to me. Prayer is our communication to God. I don’t know what this young women was thinking or really wanting prayer for, but this is serious to me and that request was like a slap to the face!

I’m hurting today. I want to lift women up to God and praise Him with their praise and grieve with them in their sorrow. This is not a joke to me. God is so great and mighty and He allows us to come to Him in prayer.

Lord, I recognize that You are mighty and I am not. I forgive her for offending me, but more than that forgive me God for doing the same thing to You. When I don’t take the opportunities you give me I am offending You. I’m sorry Lord. I lift this young women up to you and ask that you bless her and draw her near to you. Amen.


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