Paul Revere BRAND NEW

I have been noticing some holes in my teaching packets over the past few months and have begun to balance out my historical figure teaching packets and make sure everything is working and present.

Paul Revere will feel BRAND NEW next year when I teach him (as long as I don’t move grade levels- fingers crossed!).

Check out some of the new looks on this packet!

PR Presentation PR Vocabulary Center PR Word Wall

My power point presentations have been reworked and adjusted for a more clean look on my SMARTboard. I have added a vocabulary center to my rotations and updated the look of my word wall pieces! These are just three examples of what is in this packet, but look at all that is included:

PR Teaching Packet Image

  • Pre-Test with answer key
  • Study guide
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Center Directions
  • Vocabulary Center
  • Timeline Center
  • Fact/Opinion Center
  • Word Wall Pieces
  • Class Timeline Pieces
  • Post-Test with answer key
  • SMARTboard notebook with Fill in the Blank Study Guide for REVIEW or Introducation


I love teaching and preparation is apart of that love! If you want to take a closer look at this great packet check out Paul Revere Teaching Packet REVAMPED!!!



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