Survivor Math Challenge # 1

So many ideas were generated from Teach Like a Pirate and here is my FAVORITE!

It’s a Survivor Math Challenge!

While I was setting up my room I covered my windows and doors for privacy, but you would have thought a celebrity was in my classroom. Everyone wanted to know what was going on and I mean EVERYONE! All I was doing was moving the furniture around for the activity, but it added suspense.

I then put on my “costume” for the challenge which was a buff (similar to survivors).


This seemed to enhance the silly in all of the students, but they really enjoyed themselves and were doing math at the same time. I put this banner on the SMARTboard and gave no other information about the day or activity until it was time for math.

Survivor Math New

Grab your Survivor Math Banner here for FREE!

I also played the Survivor tribal council music while they were coming in and while I gave the directions for the game.


Students were split into two tribes to compete in this challenge. The tribes were then split into three groups. Group one were the crawlers. Students had to crawl under four desks and retrieve a bag or envelop from a stack of chairs. Each bag was under a chair that they had to remove before grabbing the bag and crawling back through the four desk.

Once all 3 bags and 1 envelop were brought back to the table group 2 took over.

Group 2 had to empty the three backs of fraction bars onto their table and put the fraction bars together. I gave them the fractions to make 1 whole out of a whole, halves, fourths, thirds, sixths, tenths, and twelves.

When Group 2 completed this it was Group 3’s turn.

Group 3 was not allowed to look at the fraction bars Group 2 put together. They would ask Group 2 questions which would help them put the fractions from within their envelop in order. Each group had the same fractions and their were 6 fractions to place in order on the number line.

It was great fun! The students had a BLAST! After each round of the game we would talk about how we knew the fractions went in the winning teams order.

What an awesome class in third grade math!

Shine the Light,



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