Thinking Ahead—How do I set up guided math?

So, you may think I am crazy, BUT after teaching each unit/standard I think about what worked well and what totally bombed. With that process I always find room for improvement. This year after setting up guided math/math workshop I found some major needs for improvement. So I made an Evernote entry.

evernote setup math workshop

Then I created a SMARTboard notebook for the first 12 days of school. This notebook will keep me on track to teach each part of Math Workshop while starting to teach the standards also.

math workshop Procedures for Math Workshop participation in math workshop

These mini lessons allow us to talk about classroom procedures, model classroom procedures, and practice, Practice, PRACTICE classroom procedures! This is SOOOOO important at the start of the school year!

So this new notebook will help me teach my classroom procedures and expectations more clearly. It is also made in a way that can easily be edited when I need to modify something.

I want the start of a school year to be exciting, fun, and easy-going! My first goal of the year is to build trust with my students. I need them to see that I am a safe, loving person in order for them to be able to learn from me.

teachers prayer

If you want to check out this SMARTboard notebook click here.



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