No Pandora, No Worries

Our school system blocks many great websites, including Pandora. I love Pandora! I can personalize a radio station for myself or listen to preset radio stations.

In the classroom, I use music for calming, energizing, thinking, background noise, and so much more! So when Pandora no longer worked in the classroom I was very upset.

But now I have a new website!

AccuRadio is FREE and easy to use. It does have some commercials, but they are short and few and far between.

Music in the Classroom

This new discovery has made classroom time more fun and added interest to our class! Some of my favorite stations on this site are:

  • Classical Relaxation
  • Dance Rock
  • Christmas is for the Kids
  • The Night Beckons
  • Halloween

Music is a great addition to any classroom! After school I switch it over to the CCM New Music station (new Christian music). I love to fill my room with tunes about God’s glory and majesty! It makes my classroom feel more like MY classroom. I listen to christian music 24/7 at home and in the car, so why not at work?



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