Text Message of Encouragement

God has a plan for you.

And me.

He has a plan for this year.

God's plan

I don’t know what it is yet. And I don’t have to.

God has told me to pray this year. To pray for women in my life. So, I pray.

I pray for the friend who called before 2015 ever made it here. And now I pray for the friend who texted me on January third.

As I said in the post Lean on Me, I struggle with friendships. Knowing when they are good, trustworthy, healthy friendships. This is normally something that children learn, but I struggle with this. We moved several times when I was younger and my high school best friend ditched me when I started dating my now husband. One of my college best friends left me when a misunderstanding took place and she could not get over the hurt of it all. So needless to say I don’t have a TON of friends. I have many acquaintances and contacts, but not a lot of good, deep friendships.

This is my own fault. I don’t put myself out there. I’m tired of being hurt. So when I got a text message from a friend that I’m not all that close to I was a little shocked. I didn’t know how to take it.

She said I had been on her mind and she wanted to check in with me.

Hmmm… Do I open up? Do I share my struggles?

I decided to go for it. Let her know where Kyle and I were at and what was going to be happening in the following week. I asked for pray and asked in turn how I could pray for her.

We have been praying for each other for the past week and a half and have contacted again to update prayer requests and encourage one another as we go down similar paths right now. She encouraged me with:

Keep your head up, no matter what God’s plan is just know that in the end it will be His will and you will have peace.

Wow! Maybe this year of prayer isn’t so much about me praying to bless others (although that is certainly part of it). Maybe it is just as much about building deeper relationships so that I have more people to lean on.


God has a purpose for you and it will always prevail.



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