Student Teacher…WHAT?!?

At the end of last semester I was asked to supervise a student teacher.

You do know I’m a fourth year teacher?


You do know I’m only 26?


Okay, well then…sure. I’d love to!

I know when I was placed in classrooms during college I was always placed with much older teachers. I learned so much from them (some things I would use and a bunch of things I would not use) because they had experiences to share and knowledge to give. What do I have? I’m still working out the kinks in my own classroom. What could they learn from me? 

If you can’t tell I am a little nervous about having a college student joining our classroom. I know I have passion for teaching and ideas that work (most of the time), but what if they question my ability to teach them?!?

proverbs 2 6

I will trust in the Lord to give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I know that He will guide me on this new adventure as we welcome new teachers to our classroom.

When I was in this stage of undergrad I was placed with Mrs. Bergh at Langston Chapel Elementary School. She taught 4th grade math, science, and social studies and I was sooooooo excited! Mrs. Bergh guided me in my teaching of a science unit and several math lessons to her large inclusion class. The thing I will never forget about Mrs. Bergh is at the end of the semester she gave me a Life Study Bible. I had several bibles at home and in my apartment, but this one was special to me. This bible showed me how to be a supervising teacher when I got my first college student. Mrs. Bergh may not have known whether I was a christian or not (I hope she did) but that didn’t stop her from giving me a good bible. Thank you Mrs. Bergh for loving me enough to gift me that bible. It is the same bible I continue to read each morning, just as you do (although I am sure you are now reading it later in the morning…how is retirement?).

God is going to give me the wisdom on how to better this future teacher. He will guide me on this adventure. And I hope and pray that I will have faith to gift a bible to this dear college student.



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