Lean On Me

lean on me

Lean On Me by Anne Marie Miller was a book given to me for Christmas this year. I was excited to read it because I have a difficult time with relationships and opening up to friends (especially girls). This book starts out as a good self help book, but quickly turns into more of a narrative. I had a difficult time deciding how I was suppose to read it (like a story or an informational?). As I came to the final chapters of the book, Anne mentions her struggle with how to write this book and explains why the book is the way it is.

This book is a great story of how Anne needed to heal after a terrible divorce and how she could not do it alone. Anne had to learn to rely on others to help put her life back together. It was a difficult journey full of painful experiences, but Anne gained close knit friendships and more through her healing.


proverbs 27 17

We all need friends who will laugh with us, cry with us, pick us up, and put us back together.



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